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Daniel and Jordan love games, love talking about them and most of all they love you. The best gaming experiences or stories often come not from the hottest trends or newest games but from old classics that still hold up or discounted gems. Whether getting excited about bizarre crab games or finding great deals, there's always something to talk about when you're a patient player.

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EP69 - Cyber Shadow: Risk it for the Biscuit


Daniel is back to get to the real points we’ve all wanted to talk about like Yu-Gi-Oh, what is the best modern retro ninja game and Jordan finds a way to somehow keep playing Animal Crossing.

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[Life Update] A Somber Message from Daniel


If you have any more questions or concerns about where you will go after death, please visit to learn more

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EP68 - Mario 3D World: Glow of The Almighty Squid


For the first time ever, guest star Keaton is INVITED to the show to discuss everything tasty, delicious, and Nintendo with Jordan in this week's Patient Players episode!

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EP67 - Animal Crossing: Battle Horizons


Daniel and Jordan check in on the state of their favorite class based shooter Overwatch and Daniel tries very hard to convince Jordan to try Yu-Gi-Oh.

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EP66 - Almost Hades and I Agree


The Patient Player boys put off important things like playing new video games to discover picross and Minecraft. Also Daniel kills God or becomes God or something, he’s not really sure.

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EP65 - Miles Morales: Milking the Cold Cow


Happy new year to all! Come hear about the Christmas goodies and winter break video games that Daniel and Jordan have been enjoying!

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EP64 - Top 10 of 2020


Ho ho ho and a new year to our listeners. Hopefully a happy one. Just like this episode: a happy episode on our favorite games that we played in 2020!

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EP63 - Dragon’s Dogma vs. Shining Resonance


Ho ho ho, and a happy Patient Playing! What's going on this week at PP HQ? We got your Overwatch, we got your JRPGs, your dragons, and most of all: that Holiday spirit. <3 (I hate writing these)

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EP62 - Everybody’s Switch Daddy


Jordan discusses the Master Chef and his oinkie in Fortnite while Daniel keeps playing his Switch while paying for everyone’s online service

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EP61 - Jordan buys Fortnite


No power on earth can stop the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda from conquering the galaxy as Patient Player Jordan falls to their marketability. Daniel buys, like a lot of Switch games. He forgot to mention that he bought Transistor in the show.

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